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Naturally Heal Your Diastasis Recti,
Strengthen The Core And Pelvic Floor
And Get The Flat Tummy And Confidence Back
(From The Comfort Of Your Home)

Hey there, Beautiful Mama, it’s so nice to (virtually) meet you!

If you are reading this page, my guess is that:

  • you’ve had enough of your bulging post-baby-mummy-tummy and you are anxious to feel confident in a bikini again.
  • you have probably tried all sorts of abdominal exercises (crunches, sit-ups, planks) that left you frustrated with no visible tummy-flattening results?
  • your mojo and body confidence are completely depleted, or even worse, you are afraid to sneeze in public because you just can’t ‘hold-it-in’?


If any of this sounds true to you, I want you to pause, TAKE A DEEP BREATH and read on as you are about to learn how to solve all of the above post-baby-belly frustrations, starting today.


I’m Nika Karan and I’m a mom of 2 boys, yoga teacher, health coach and mamapreneur.

After having my second baby, just like most moms, I was so anxious to get my flat tummy back ASAP, when a midwife shattered my get-a-flat-tummy-fast ambitions within seconds.

You have DIASTASIS RECTI Nika – she said after examining my post baby belly.

Hmm, Diastasis what? 

You see, just like majority of moms, I’ve never heard about it before, even though this was my second child.

She explained what abdominal separation was, and I must admit – it did not sound very encouraging. 

I just wanted my flat tummy back and here she was, telling me I CAN’T DO any planks, crunches or leg raises (that’s all I used to do to strengthen my core before pregnancy).

Desperate to fix my diastasis recti, I turned to old good google to look for solution.

I was lucky enough to find and absolute gem of a postpartum recovery expert – Wendy Powell and her award winning MUTU SYSTEM.

After seeing hundreds of amazing testimonials from other moms who managed to heal their diastasis recti with Wendy’s Program, I immediately signed up and started doing the exercises.

The program was so well structured, every week progressed to more advanced exercises and the best part – it only took about 15 min a day to complete.wendy-powell

Long story short, with MutuSystem I managed to completely close
my 2 finger-wide Diastasis Recti. My core became strong, pelvic floor was not sore anymore and most importantly, I could now sneeze in peace :)

Wendy’s program helped me build a strong foundation for the later stages of my tummy-flattening efforts and soon after I was happy to wear bikini again. Just have a look at my mummy-tummy-transformation below:


I wanted to share this story with you, because I personally know so many moms who struggle with getting rid of the post-baby-tummy. Many of them have no idea what Diastasis Recti is, and almost all of them have it post  pregnancy.

It’s so incredibly important to work on restoring your pelvic floor and core muscle function after pregnancy, and it’s the absolute first step all moms have to take if they want a flat and strong tummy. I have absolute confidence that MUTU SYSTEM will help you do just that (like it helped me and hundreds of other moms).

Naturally Heal Your Diastasis Recti,
Strengthen The Core And Pelvic Floor
And Get The Flat Tummy And Confidence Back
With The MuTu System

 12-week (1)


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