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Whether you’re feeling stressed, looking to lose some weight or just need more energy to do the things you love, I can help.

I specialize in private yoga classes in Kuala Lumpur, bringing all the yoga goodness right at your doorstep.

With my tailor-made personal yoga programs you can expect to:

  • Lose weight permanently in a healthy way…no more diet fads!
  • Relieve stress and relax…and have fun doing it!
  • Improve flexibility, balance… and focus to boost your productivity!
  • Increase your energy level…and do more every day!
  • Relieve back pain and other body aches…permanently!
  •  And much, much more…

Your age, flexibility or past experience doesn’t matter – ANYONE can do Yoga! My classes are designed for beginners, experienced yoga students and everyone in between.

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4 Reasons Why Private Classes Are The Best Way To Learn Yoga


Each private yoga class is customized for you, addressing your specific needs and taking into consideration your anatomy, fitness level, stress level, and your personal health or weight loss goals. 


Learning in the one on one format is the quickest way to reach your goals.  Each session is fun, inspiring, and safe, creating an uplifting, relaxing, and positive experience. 


Forget the gym, getting stuck in traffic jams or looking for parking. Choose a place that’s most convenient for you (home, gym, park or another location of your choice) and I’ll see you there saving you time and hassle.


Whether you want to have an early morning session to energize your body or an afternoon class to unwind and relax, I’m here for you. You can choose the time and day most suitable for you.

Who Are Private Yoga Classes For

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  People who want to practice in their own pace in a private setting (at home, in the park, at the gym)
  People who have a busy or irregular work schedule that makes it difficult to attend regular group classes.
  Beginners who want to learn the yoga basics and gain confidence to join group classes later on.
  People who are healing from injuries, who would like to speed up their safe recovery.

What My Students Say About My Private Yoga Classes


Annabella Brocato

Let me tell you how much I’m enjoying my morning Yoga with you! I feel so great after each class and I look forward to the next session. I am so challenged in your class and boy I’ve never sweat so much before in my life.

I have been to a lot of classes with different teachers in different countries and I absolutely LOVE your style.

You are so caring, gentle and have such an open approach. You allow me to take the time to understand a pose or movement at my own pace
I’m learning a lot in the few weeks I’ve been taking your classes. I feel I’m getting stronger, more flexible and relaxed, and best of all I’m losing weight!


Amanda Foden

I didn’t take up yoga until I was 46. As a person who has experienced back and neck problems since my 20s my flexibility was really poor. I always thought the yoga was just an easy exercise option which would give me limited results…boy was I wrong. I had taken up running but needed a more balanced routine so i decided to give  yoga a go. After a year of  1 to 1 sessions with Nika my body is stronger, leaner and my flexibility is getting better.

The 1-1 sessions are very cost effective as she can give me her undivided attention and i love the way that she stretches me without pushing too hard. She makes sure that i have challenges that are achievable so that I can see real differences. I have lost 10kg and love what Nika has done for my body. My only regret is that I didn’t take it up sooner.


Sabriya Khan

Yoga with Nika is a physical and mental boost on all fronts. For someone who is constantly living in a fast paced and stressed environment, Nika’s private yoga classes provide the much needed balance.

I am not an avid fan of gyms or fitness routines. However, with Nika I have always  been able to get a complete and comprehensive workout and have stuck it out for some years now. Each session with Nika leaves me rejuvenated and energized to take on the day. I am constantly challenged to try new sequences and poses which bring on renewed strength , balance and focus. Nika’s classes are never repetitive and are a joy to do.

Yoga with Nika is an indispensable asset in my exercise routine and I have not benefited with any other exercise routine as much. Thank you Nika!

ellitaelliza-praiseEllita & Elliza Zainal

Yoga with Nika is naturally enjoyable & rewarding experience.  Her enthusiasm & encouraging approach coupled with that warm & easy going personality was one of the reasons that had motivated us to join & continue classes despite our hectic schedule.

We are now coming close to a year with Nika and our bodies have greatly improved in flexibility, posture & strength. Each class never fails to end with us leaving more relaxed & energized at the same time. Her classes is something to look forward to every week! Apart for that, we love how helpful Nika is at accommodating our busy schedule & the private classes at home are just so convenient!

hannah-praiseHannah Tröster

When I first came to KL I wasn’t sure, which kind of exercise I wanted to give a try. All my life I’ve been doing all different kinds of sports but I somehow never got the right access to yoga. Of course, I had tried it before, but my yoga classes had always left me somewhat unsatisfied. So when I met Nika, I told her about my expectations and she amazingly was able to meet them by 100%.

Even though her yoga classes provided a complete and exhausting (and in my case very sweaty!) workout for the whole body, I always felt so energized afterwards that I simply couldn’t get enough. Nika teaches yoga with such a passion that makes it inevitable not to catch the “yoga-bug”.

I honestly love her classes it’s simply the best way to start the day!

andrea-praiseAndrea Kowalski

I’ve tried yoga classes in several different countries, but I couldn’t find one that got me hooked…until I moved to Malaysia and met Nika.

Nika’s classes are a fantastic workout and a lot of fun. Nika is a brilliant teacher – she is patient and knowledgeable, and very effective at introducing slightly more challenging stretches, just when you think you’ve mastered the previous set!

After 8 weeks of classes with Nika I began to notice considerable changes in my flexibility and strength of my abs. I found my back hurt less and my performance in other sports, such as squash, improved as well! One of the best things about yoga and the routines Nika teaches is that you can do them on your own. I’ve since moved back to London but have made one big change in my life – I now incorporate yoga into my weekly routine and feel so much better for it.

Classes Length, Fees & Booking

Every class is 1 hour long.

It can be a 1 on 1 class, or you can get a group of friends and practice together in a private setting.

Private corporate classes are available as well.

Class pricing is determined by frequency of lessons per week, location and advance payment options.

at 0172821832 or


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